The Benefits of Holding a Medical Marijuana Card

First off, this is not a sales pitch. Marijuana isn’t for everyone. However, despite marijuana being a controversial treatment option, it has been proven to be an effective treatment from physical afflictions like chronic pain, as well as mental health issues like PTSD. So for those that opt to treat a wide aray of afflictions with cannabis products, why should you get or renew your card? With the increasing number of states legalizing recreational cannabis use, why not just get marijuna recreationally for medical use?

Top Reasons To Get/Keep Your Medical Marijuana Card – This is specific for Connecticut but most states have similar regulations

  • Save 20%+ on sales tax
    • There are no taxes for medical marijuana patients in CT. The tax for adult-use recreational use will be AT LEAST 20%
  • Higher Potency Products
    • Recreational use flower to be capped at 30%
    • Recreational use concentrates will be capped at 60%
    • Recreational use edibles to be capped at 5mg per unit
  • Higher Allotment
    • Medical patients will eventually be able to get 5oz per 30 day cycle (Current 3.5oz or 99.21g). Recreational will be far less to ensure patients that need it medically get the amount they require first
  • Grow Rights
    • Current medical patients can grow up to 3 mature and 3 immature plants
    • Patients without a card cannot grow any plants legally
  • Shorter Lines
    • Most facilities will have express lines for their medical patients – like a flash pass at Six Flags 

If you’re interested in getting your medical card and need assistance feel free to send an email to us at

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