Legalization of Marijuana Discussion

It’s been a hot topic ever since President Biden announced that people with federal convictions for simple marijuana possession will be pardoned.

Not only that, but he also is taking steps for the review and potential revision of how marijuana is scheduled under federal law. But, as a person who believes marijuana should be federally legal, I wanted to get a blog up and see what our small, yet growing community, had to say about the political efforts to legalize marijuana?

This is going to be a burning topic for months and probably years to come so the more the public voices their opinions the more of a difference we can make. A recent polling data from an op-ed article in found that nearly half of registered voters say that it should be either a “top priority” or an “important priority” for Congress to “pass a bill to legalize marijuana.”  

The stigma around marijuana is still very real. It’s our responsibility to advocate for ourselves as patients that utilize this medicine. Feel free to share a story of how marijuana has helped you personally in the comments below. 

Personal Note: I’ve suffered from bad migraines for years now and my favorite strain, lemon skunk, is my go-to for these due to their high myrcene and caryophyllene content. I went from being on multiple sedating medicines to only taking a much smaller dose of one of those medicines plus medicinal marijuana and I’ve had the migraines under control ever since!

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  1. Once I introduced marijuana into my health routine, the main question I had was “Why didn’t I start utilizing marijuana sooner?”

    Marijuana is beneficial in many ways. Personally, I was able to stop taking my prescribed ADHD medication and make the switch to sativa-dominant marijuana. Although your typically prescribed stimulants provide energy and clarity in focus, they also bring along a bunch of negative mental and physical side effects that marijuana does not.

    Before marijuana, bipolar depression and social anxiety had quite the grip on me. The constant ups and downs were hard to manage and caused turmoil within every aspect of my daily life. With marijuana, I am able to approach my day and situations with a steadier mindset. Mood swings have begun to stabilize. The calming effect that marijuana provides helps me to prioritize what should and should not be stressed over.

    With proper guided use of marijuana, you can start truly living your best life. Your perspective on life itself will change. If you are worried about stereotypical myths surrounding cannabis/marijuana, do some research and talk to your doctor on how to incorporate it into your life.

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