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The Significant Impact of Marijuana Legalization on the “Gas Station” CBD Market

When I say “gas station CBD” I don’t necessarily mean it’s sold at a gas station. When I use that term, I’m referring to the numerous poor quality CBD supplements available at retail stores, online, and of course, gas stations.

This industry has exploded over the last decade attracting many established as well as new companies/entrepreneurs trying to get a slice of that multibillion-dollar market.

However, there are plenty instances where these products have been scrutinized for misleading claims, misprinted labels, inaccurate ingredients, and much more. This doesn’t mean that all the products available at these locations aren’t useful, I just suggest doing your due diligence first. 

There are many articles about how to determine high versus low quality CBD products, so rather than speak about that, why not brainstorm how as more states legalize recreational marijuana will these products/companies that develop these products will fare?

Here are some major factors I thought of.

  1. Peace of mind – With reports of inaccurate ingredients and potentially harmful substances, many people will opt to switch to a more regulated brand. This doesn’t always mean it’s the right choice.
  2. Assistance with dosing and product counseling – Not all facilities that sell cannabinoid products will have a healthcare provider on staff, but in my opinion, most facilities will have staff more knowledgeable in the cannabinoid industry, making it more likely they can provide at least some counseling. 
  3. Price – The demand of these products will probably remain high, but the supply will also increase with even more growers entering the cannabis scene. 

Please feel free to share your thoughts. This was just a topic that popped in my mind that I found interesting. Stay frosty out there. 

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