Merry-juana: 3 Ways Weed Can Enhance Your Holidays

This post is way more anecdotal than most, but here at IHT we take all-around health seriously so why not focus on some other reasons we partake in cannabis, especially during the holidays.

1. Enhance Taste – No matter where you’re celebrating or what you’re celebrating I’m sure like most people, you’re getting together with loved ones and eating some appetizers, dinners and of course cookies. Foods that you might look forward to all year long for tradition. I know everyone says this, but my mother actually makes the best holiday cookies and the right strains of cannabis can really compliment certain foods. Give me a citrus-tasting sativa, a glass of oatmilk and Christmas cookies and I’ll be content.

2. Enjoy (Tolerate) Your Family More – One of the main reasons people consume cannabis are its anxiolytic and euphoric effects. Depending on who you’re spending your holidays with you might really need some of these benefits.

3. Bringing People Together – The “peace and love”, hippie persona definitely doesn’t fit all cannabis consumers, but marijuana does have a way of enhancing our emotions and with that comes the most important part of the holidays. The laughs, smiles, tears, and most likely shouting you do with your loved ones and the memories you make.

While I love talking about the positive aspects marijuana can bring to a persons life, it’s always important to stress that it isn’t for everyone, and consumption should be done appropriately. Please be careful this holiday season and always.

Happy Holidays and New Years from the IHT Family 🙂

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