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How Do People Like Working at a Cannabis Dispensary?

I wanted to put this up here to kind of crowdsource the sentiment behind working at a cannabis dispensary. With cannabis being in the news more each day more people are turning to dispensaries for work and since this is a relatively new industry, worker morale might be an afterthought. 

Everyone will obviously have a different opinion but please tell your story whether you love it, hate it, or fit somewhere in the middle. The more data I get the better!

Please include the state in which you worked and your role at the dispensary. As always, thank you for taking time out of your day to be here and I greatly appreciate your effort in responding 🙂

5 responses to “How Do People Like Working at a Cannabis Dispensary?”

  1. I am a dispensary tech at a dispensary in CT. At first I enjoyed working at my dispensary but now it seems that a lot has changed. It’s very unorganized and the management is very cliquey. They reward those who don’t do their jobs and punish those who do. It’s unfair and it seems all the owners care about is their money and not the flow and happiness of their employees.

  2. I was excited to start working at a dispensary but it was clear very quickly that profits were put far above patient care. I was a pharmacist in the state of CT but had to get out of the dispensary industry because I felt the industry was going in the wrong direction. Money is important, but if you’re selling medicine, which if you operate a dispensary you should look at it as medicine, patient care and safety should be at the forefront!

  3. Never worked at a dispensary but I’ve utilized a few different CT dispensaries and have noted the ridiculously high turnover rate at each and every one. It seems like a lot of these owners care more about the money than their employees. It’s sad because a lot of the employees that have left cannabis entirely were incredible workers who genuinely cared about the patients. I know I’m not the only patient who has recognized the poor treatment of dispensary employees

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