What You Need to Know About Cannabis Tolerance

Cannabis, weed, whatever you want to call it, like many other medications can become less effective at one dosage after a certain period of time.

When people build up a tolerance to cannabis, they will not receive the same benefit they initially did from their starting dose. Increasing the dose can remedy the issue in terms of symptom relief, however, these increased doses can become costly as the higher potency products typically come with a higher price.

I will also always caution people when trying high doses for the first time to do so in a controlled environment and if you’re going to take a massive dose one day, you’re saturating your endocannabinoid receptors and probably just hurting your future doses.

Taking a cessation period from cannabis can serve as a “reset” and allow your body to respond to smaller doses of cannabis. Even short breaks can help to decrease tolerance, however, 21+ day breaks are encouraged for best results. After 21 days, the patient’s body should be free from THC allowing for ideal absorption of cannabis products.

These day ranges are also highly subjective and will range dramatically based on multiple factors for each individual. And let’s be honest, you might not want to quit all together for that long, but the overall concept remains the same. Tolerance is a feedback system in your body, it takes time for the receptors to become sensitized and desensitized. 

Be Cautious of Withdrawal Symptoms During T-Break – Just think of the positives you feel from THC and the symptoms of withdrawal will be a relative opposite. Side effects of THC withdrawal can include irritability, insomnia, headaches, diminished appetite, and fatigue. These are just some of the common side effects and aren’t an all-inclusive list. CBD has been shown to help with symptoms of THC withdrawal. I’ve personally had good relief utilizing a pure CBD oil for my vape for fast relief of headaches I was experiencing when on a past T-break.

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