Learn Your Terpenes Activity

What You’ll Need

  • Different strains of cannabis
  • Lighter or dry herb vaporizer
  • Notebook or Activity Sheet

This activity was developed for educational purposes only.

  1. Pick a few different strains with varying terpene levels
  2. Have a friend or partner in the experiment divide up the bud into containers labeled 1 through 5 (Prescription vials work well)
  3. Have them write down which strain corresponds to which number, but not tell you
  4. Start by smelling each container and try to guess which terpenes are most prevalent
  5. Record your guesses in a notebook or worksheet and include any additional notes about the product
  6. Now try smoking the product and note the smells and tastes
  7. Now try and guess which strain was in which container based on your notes and compare if you did the experiment with another person

How Did You Do?

For Added Fun: While we don’t encourage gambling, this activity is very fun when done with a partner or multiple partners with a friendly wager on the line – Did someone say PRIZE POOL???

Utilize a dry herb vaporizer with precision variable heat settings and try using the lowest setting and work your way up the temperature. Terpenes vaporize at different temperatures so you should notice different scents at different temperatures